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Ravishankar Collective is a vibrant and versatile bunch of Delhi based musicians that come together for their love of music. The music itself is a melting pot of Indian classical music, electronica, folk music, rock, jazz and various other unclassifiable sonic oddities. It makes us happiest to see our musical ideas make you groove irrespective of what kind of music you dig !



Ravishankar Collective Payaliya Music Video


Ravishankar Collective Ravishankar
Having done countless Jingles and Adverts over the last two decades and being one of the national voices for Radio Mirchi Delhi, Ravishankar decided to pursue the main passion in his life, music, pretty seriously over the past few years, and started to write original material for his band. Inspite of being born a Hyderabadi, he insists he is a complete 'Dilliwala'. Having dabbled in various singing styles be it death metal shrieks to Hindustani classical vocals, his vocal cords have traversed the length and breadth of the sonic spectrum and offer a joyous and diverse listening experience . He is a versatile drummer too. The collective is his brainchild and he is the official Bollywood mimic of the band !



Ravishankar Collective Dhruv Bedi
At a pretty young age Dhruv has amassed a very impressive string of achievements. A graded All India Radio artist, an awardee from the ministry of culture, government of India and a widely travelled performer who has won several accolades from numerous prestigious organizations, this musician is a powerhouse of talent. In the collective his unique “gayaki ang” style of the Imdadkhani gharana comes to the fore which acts as a melodic counterpart to Ravishankar’s powerful vocals. Trained by his father Shri Jagdip Singh Bedi and currently by sitar maestro Pt. Budhaditya Mukherjee in the guru shishya parampara, he is a ray of hope in the new breed of Indian classical musicians.



Ravishankar Collective Somnath Halder
Somnath worked out of New Delhi and New York as a Technology Consultant for 7 years. The quest for creative satisfaction that was met in making music eventually pulled him into doing sessions as a guitar player and producing jingles for TVCs, background scores and short films. Also having trained extensively in Hindustani Classical music gives him the ability to flit between melodic and harmonic progressions with great ease. Having played with a vast number of artists, and also having trained during his New York stint with legendary Jazz pianist Barry Harris, his love for good music of any genre makes him a versatile performer and a perfect fit for the collective. He currently heads the music department a reputed school in Delhi.



Ravishankar Collective Gurbhej Singh
Having trained under the rigorous eye of the  legend, the Late Ustad Faiyaz Khan sahab at the prestigious Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Delhi, Gurbhej’s fingers talk on the Tabla with a finesse that is second to none. He is an avid soccer fan and loves to head out with friends and backpack his way through terrains yet undiscovered. Part of the faculty at the Delhi university of music this performer has an ever growing repertoire of rhythmic permutations in his musical arsenal.


Ravishankar Collective Ravinder Rajput
Ravinder’s unique ability to hold his own in a rhythmic as well as a melodic context is a huge addition to the sound of the collective. An amazing dholak player, he is equally adept at classical and folk traditions of the dholak and other percussion instruments, and is a fantastic flautist as well. A student of the prestigious Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Delhi under the tutelage of Shri Kailash Sharma and a scholarship holder at Sahitya Parishad, he is a critical part of the band's sound. Currently he is an educator and a repertory artist with some of the leading music schools in Delhi.He loves to play an endless stream of all dholak based Bollywood songs in between jam sessions to keep the others in splits !


Ravishankar Collective Amit Raj Kashyap
Amit 'ARKO' is a skillfull constructive Drummer, Musician, Song writer, Music teacher and Percussionist with a wide repertoire of drumming styles from Afro cuban to an Indian classical approach to rhythm. He has been teaching since 1995 and is a well known name in the Indian drumming and percussion fraternity.Amit's playing style is innovative and experimental. His expertise and approach to music theory has nurtured many musician's and music teachers in the country. His own boys have taken to drums too at a very early age thanks to the rhythmic DNA in the family !


Ravishankar Collective Anurag Verma
Anurag's rock solid bass lines provide the low end which glues the groove of the collective together. Soft spoken and completely in control and immersed in his craft, his deft fingers show years of hard work that he has put into his instrument. With a degree in media and film making, Anurag is a versatile artist who plays with several outfits in different genres as well !



Joydeep Das (J.D) - BASS

Abhinav Swynenberg - DRUMS